This is Not a Test

Hi, I’m Kate. I’m soon-to-be twenty three years old and it’s quickly dawned on me that sitting at a desk is a total harsh on my mellow. It’s a waste of my precious time; the time that everyone tells you will never come back. See the world when you’re young, they say. Do it while you can, they boast.

Well, I’m young, ready, and totally stoked. I haven’t the slightest notion of where, when, what, or how but I figure that those particulars will come in due time. Step one usually has something to do with admitting that you have a problem. Let’s call mine boredom. I need a change in a million and one different ways and I hear the world is a big place.

Here’s the opportunity. Check, mic, check. This is not a test.


What Do You Think?

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