Seatbelts, Everyone!

I made a move. It’s time to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy.

Today I applied for a travel rewards credit card. Why? Because Nomadic Matt told me to and though I haven’t tested it yet, I hold his advice in the highest of regards. At any rate, I’m now on my way to reaping rewards in the form of discount travel. This whole thing is… well, it’s somethin’ else.


After spending the entirety of one day looking at a variety of credit cards offered in Canada, I narrowed my choice down to five, and then three, two, one. These decisions were based upon my needs and those needs are like any of the desires that we all have: I want to reap the most output for the least input. I’ve been unknowingly collecting points as a secondary card holder of my mother’s, but in a few years I’ve not even amassed 3500 points. In all fairness, I haven’t spent an incredible amount, but the RBC Visa Avion program just doesn’t have the perks I want in a card. So I made the decision to change that today at the exact moment that the thought permeated my mind. It’s apart of my all new “Dive Right In” mantra.

After humming and hawing over this card versus that, I decided to go with the Capital One Aspire Travel Platinum Mastercard. I hit the button to sign up, it asked me if my household salary was more than $60,000 per year, and I hit the back button and jumped over to the American Express website.

Amex Blue Sky is the top rated no-fee travel rewards credit card in Canada, and has been for the past three years. 10,000 points with your first $500, more than 1 point per dollar spent, no travel restrictions. It’s far from comparable to anything offered for an annual fee, though even after trawling my way through description after description, I didn’t feel they stacked up exceptionally better against my alternative, free option. I’m prepared to call it a win.

Today I also watched the travel documentary, A Map For Saturday, and I started telling a few people that I’m going to Costa Rica in the spring. I don’t even know what to say about that, so we’ll address both of those things in the next exciting instalment of “Am I Really Going To Do This?”


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