Leibster Award!

Liebster Award

I’m absolutely elated that I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award by the Bemused Backpacker, Michael Huxley! I can’t recommend enough that you visit his site for invaluable travel tips, fabulous (and often hilarious) stories, and all the advice you could ever hope for concerning health and safety on the road in his free travel clinic. Thank you, Michael! Keep doing what you do.

The Liebster Award is one shared between bloggers, to support and promote their work, and I’m honored to be included despite only having begun this journey a short time ago. I’m not entirely convinced that my words are yet worth reading, but the encouragement and open arms of this community makes me excited for whatever the future here may hold.

The Rules

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back up to his/her blog.
  • Answer the 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.
  • Nominate other bloggers for the award.
  • Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer

The Questions Posed to Me

1) If you lost your passport somewhere and had to be stranded, where would you choose and why?
If I had but one second to choose a destination, it would be Costa Rica. More specifically? Montezuma. The good vibes of this hippie beach town taught me so much that I hope to take with me into the future. Pura vida forever, man. That said, any hippie beach town would probably suit me just perfectly.

2) What is your most embarrassing travel tale?
It’s not necessarily embarrassing, but I certainly don’t go boasting about how often I was almost run over by bicycles in Paris. That they run down their own lane in the center of the sidewalk was not something I ever heeded enough attention to, and for some reason that incessant ding-ding never jolted me out of the whimsy of walking.

3) If your boat sank and you could rescue only one item from your backpack apart from your passport, what would it be?
I’d probably grab the camera. I don’t carry expensive or exceptionally sentimental things with me, so the memories in those photos are the most important thing to me in my pack. Everything else, except any cash I may have on hand, is replaceable. That said, if I lost my camera, I wouldn’t be devastated. I’ll save the money instead and work toward collecting new photos!

4) If you were made the boss of an airline for a day and could make one change to make passengers lives better, what would it be and why?
More complimentary food! Why not?

5) If you could visit any country in any period of time, where would you go?
I’m always fascinated by the Age of Discovery and Exploration – Columbus, Cabot, Cook. To see all of these places that I’ve always dreamed of seeing; and to be the first of my society to lay eyes upon them… I can’t imagine a more rewarding experience. Though if I take into account the state of the times, quality of life, and the treatment of women, I’d just as soon put four wheels to the asphalt and drive across America in the 1960s.

6) What is your favourite thing about being a backpacker or traveler?
In my limited experience, I’m not quite prepared to bestow such titles upon myself, but I’m drawn to the unknown and the freedom of it. My goal in life right now, at 23 years old, is to better myself so that I can live on successfully and to the betterment of others. New experiences and lessons are what allows me to grow into the person I truly am and want to be, and that’s my favorite thing about travel.

7) What is the thing you hate most about being a backpacker or traveler?
Again, I’ve not been around long enough to develop a really solid opinion on this. On top of that, hate isn’t a word in my vocabulary. If I had to choose a least favorite aspect so far, it’s the anticipation and stress of the planning process. Let’s just go already!

8) Why do you write or blog about travel?
I’ve decided to start writing about travel for a few reasons. First: I like having a journal of sorts to look back upon. Second: I want a place for others – family and friends – to be able to hear my stories. Lastly: I just like to write!

9) Where would you like to see your blog/website in a years time?
Give me a year and a half to really start filling this thing with travel tales. I’d like a following between myself and other travel bloggers, and I’d love to be able to dole out some pro travel tips, but most of all I just want stories. Fingers crossed I can find a few good ones to tell.

10) Is travel how you define yourself?
Not yet. Maybe in the future. Maybe not. I’d rather use travel to figure out the true definition of myself rather than as a descriptor in itself.

My Nomiations

I nominate:

DeAnna at http://dbihll.wordpress.com
I met DeAnna on the NomadicMatt Community forums, and have enjoyed following her blog since. Her unique take on travel via the peace corps is really neat.

Stacey at http://adventurerstacey.com
Another new pal from the NomadicMatt forums – I can’t recommend hanging out there enough – who I’ve very much enjoyed interacting with.

Scott at http://foreignwanders.wordpress.com
A blog I recently came across and one that I’m very eager to watch grow. I sense some really good stories  coming out of this fella.

Jess at http://knitknitcurse.wordpress.com
Because if we kept it exclusive to travel blogs, we’d all have less fun. Right? Maybe. Knitting is fun, or so I hear. Anyway, Jess has a great blog for the old lady inside all of us and I’d like to see her participate in the shenanigans.

My Questions to You

1) What was it that first drew you to travel and ignited that wanderlust?

2) What sort of activities do you look for and enjoy the most in a destination? Active? Educational? Cultural? Free?

3) What is the thing you look forward to most when coming home?

4) Congratulations, you’ve won the ultimate lottery! You can live and work anywhere you want, doing anything you want. Where do you choose to live and what do you do for a living?

5) What is the one item of clothing or accessory that you absolutely cannot leave home without when traveling?

6) What is your favorite mode of transportation?

7) What route would compose your ultimate road trip?

8) Do you face resistance with your family and/or friends when you discuss your dreams? If so, how do you deal with that?

9) What is your goal in blogging?

10) How did you decide on the title of your blog?

Thanks again to Bemused Backpacker for the nomination, and thanks to you for reading through it! I appreciate it endlessly.


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