It Just Got Real: 310 Days ‘Til Oz

I’ll admit that my thought processes have been getting a little out of control lately. My daydreams and musings have been all over the place and I often find it difficult to keep tasked to just one plot because the path I’ve always envisioned myself on now has so many branches that it’s not at all easy to focus on just one. A direct result of my decision to stop coasting, I suppose. This is all so new to me that I’m being only the slightest bit cheeky when I say that personal revolutions can be overwhelming.

That said, please make no mistake: this is far from a complaint. It’s exciting and entertaining in that sort of way that new things tend to be, if not daunting and totally scary. I suppose this is what happens when you’re bit by the bug. The travel bug. The new directions bug. The life bug. I love it. The only issue is that I spend every spare thought I have on these new avenues, and it’s a snowball of a problem that continually steals my attention. As a result, my bucket list has been expanding infinitely.

Where, you ask?

I’ve talked to my brother about backpacking for two months through Central America after he graduates. Asked my mum to start saving for the trip to Europe I want to take with her. Given plenty of thought to Thailand and southeast Asia. Priced flights to various American cities. Warned my pal in Zimbabwe that one day I’ll be passing through. Researched tours to the top of Kilimanjaro. It’s easy to think about it all when I can’t stand to be thinking about anything else, but I have to remind myself to stay focused. My original goal is still hovering out there, and I’ve far from forgotten about it…

In fact, I’ve committed to it. With the click of just one button and the subsequent maxing-out of my credit limit, I have in my hands a one-way booking to Sydney, Australia.

I’m not sure there are words in the English language to describe exactly how I feel about this. Exhilarated. Terrified. Astonished. Disbelieving. You could probably pull any adjective from the thesaurus and it would be apt. What did I do immediately after buying the ticket? I bought a bottle of red wine, sparked up a big one, and smiled real wide. It feels good, man, and nothing else matters right now.

Which is the way I want it to be, because a time will soon approach when a lot of things are going to start mattering a lot – budgets, visas, timings, packing, etc, etc, etc. As hard as I often find it to be compulsive, I have a feeling that buying the ticket was the easy part, and to say that there is a lot to consider over the next 10 months would be an understatement of the highest proportions. Fortunately I’ve never been one to stress, nor is worrying a part of my life’s mantra, so I’ll take it all as it comes. Task number one on my to-do list is to just chill for a minute. Maybe once I’m done with that I’ll move onto task two: finish writing the to-do list.

Until then, I’m going to practice my Aussie living and just take ‘er easy, mate. No worries, right?


2 responses to “It Just Got Real: 310 Days ‘Til Oz

  1. That’s awesome Kate! No worries though, contrary to what you think you have gotten over the hardest hurdle, buying that plane ticket! You are committed now and it is plain sailing from here! Yes there is logistical stuff to sort out but it’s easy enough when you know what you’re doing and take it one job at a time. Soon enough you’ll be on the plane and the whole world of backpacking and adventure will be waiting for you to discover it in your own way!


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