Occupying Time and Figuring Things Out

I’m not sure whether you’ve noticed, but I’ve been having a bit of an identity crisis with this blog lately. I’m still not entirely sure which direction I see myself headed with this endeavor, and until such a time as I decide, and until such a time as I find some clarity in a convenient moment, I’m going to try and remain complacent with a simple theme. Know that this is an incredibly difficult task for me.

The upside — because there’s always a silver lining and this one is quite obvious — is that I’m fortunate enough to have a span of more than three hundred days ahead of me to occupy my mind  with such queries and quandaries. That’s how I frame it, anyway, to make myself feel better about the ten months between me and my working holiday venture down under. With what I can only foresee as endless time to twiddle my thumbs (and, okay, go to work if I must) before departure, I have a lot of time to devote to other things. Things like the logistics of my adventure and the prerequisite step of discovering what those logistics are. Things like the life I’ll be leaving behind. Things like this blog right here. They presuppose a fountain of activity that should, hopefully, have no trouble filling my pool of time.


Of course my fountain of time is metaphorical, but if I had a literal one it would probably be as crooked as this one pictured. As has been my theme since debuting this blog almost one year ago, I’m really not too sure about anything. I’m off-kilter, but I’m confident that even though I have water spilling over one side, I’ll find a way to spoon it back into the other. Or maybe I’ll leave it spilled and call it a wading pool instead. Or a Fun Zone Splash Pad. Branding is important.

Which segues us back into the realm of the Wayfaring Canuck blog. Which, let me come right out and say, is something I will always be wholly transparent about. You can expect me to be transparent about everything in life, primarily because I believe in open avenues between people, but also because conspicuousness and self-evidence are ingrained in my personality. Mysterious, I am not.

I started this blog because I wanted physical proof in the cosmos that I wanted to travel. I have this dreadful habit of talking big and living small, and I rightly figured that I’d let my dream fall by the wayside along with all of the others if I didn’t have a published statement to live up to. I almost did. Once I finally started rolling with this travel idea, I decided that I would use this blog to keep my thoughts and musings organized as I prepared for and set off on this adventure. It’ll be a good place to update the family once I’m out there, I figured. A good place to journal some memories. A good place to connect with the like-minded.

I still figure all of these things, and I intend to continue the pursuit of them, but the snowball that is my soul has teetered off the edge of the mountain and is gaining steam as it rolls. I’ve got bigger goals and bigger ideas – the only problem is that I’m as-yet unsure about what exactly they are. I’m in a stage of research and development, and I hope you’ll stick around while I tinker and tweak.

My only firm goal right now is constant evolution. I’m promising both you and myself that the change and maturation here will be noticeable and positive, and it means the world to me that you’re along for the ride.


2 responses to “Occupying Time and Figuring Things Out

  1. Don’t worry, you’ll figure things out and find your niche. 🙂


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