35 Things To Do Before a Working Holiday in Australia

I’ve always been a procrastinator. I’m often pledging to change my ways, usually spurred by the pressures of having to make a resolution for the new year or the burn of an all-night study session, but I inevitably fall back into the habit of last-minute action. What can I say? I like to tempt fate. Luckily those long nights spent staring at a blank word document hoping that some act of  digital osmosis will spur a research paper into existence are behind me, though I still have deadlines to meet. We all do, right? Like death and taxes, they’re just one of those mainstays of life.

Enter the list. Who doesn’t love a good list? The organization of it is comforting, and the accomplishment afterward is more fulfilling than a lot of us would probably like to admit. It seems a bit silly to get so much satisfaction from crossing an item from a bulleted index, but there you have it.

The biggest deadline in my life right now is one constantly at the forefront of my thoughts, triple-circled on the calendar, always on the tip of my tongue: Countdown to Oz. At the time of this publication, the timer is ticking down from 237 days. That’s thirty-four weeks. Or roughly eight and a half months. I know — I just have this feeling — that the time is simultaneously going to crawl and race by. Crawl, because the slowness of time is directly proportional to how much excitement one holds for the deadline, and race, because there is so much yet to do before said deadline arrives. On that note, and without further adieu…

35 Things To Do Before
a Working Holiday in Australia

  1.  Book the flight  — July 2014
  2. Apply for a working holiday visa — October 2014
  3. Research Australia  — work in progress
  4. Budget, save money, and organize it into the appropriate accounts
  5. Apply for a credit card with no foreign transaction fees — January 2015
  6. Get a physical — December 2014
  7. Get vaccinated — December 2014
  8. Visit the dentist — February 2015
  9. Visit the optometrist — March 2015
  10. Apply for International Driving Permit
  11. Edit resume
  12. Ensure all of my documents/ID are valid and up-to-date
  13. Book first few hostel nights
  14. Buy traveler’s insurance
  15. Take multiple copies of important documents
    • Physical copies for me
    • Physical copies for Mom
    • Copies for the cloud
  16. Finalize packing list
  17. Buy missing items from packing list
    • Travel locks
    • Packing cubes
  18. Quit job — April 2015
  19. Move out of apartment — March 2015
  20. Sell the things I no longer need
  21. Move everything else into storage
  22. Ensure all mail will be forwarded to Mom
  23. Terminate renter’s insurance — March 2015
  24. Terminate internet service (or transfer to roommate) — March 2015
  25. Terminate cell phone service
  26. Inform the bank of my travels
  27. Inform the credit card companies of my travels
  28. Withdraw some local currency
  29. Get passport photos taken
  30. Teach Mom how to Skype — work in progress
  31. Take a moment to really appreciate home
  32. Freak out a little bit
  33. Pack
  34. Double-check all of the above
  35. Embark

I guess all there’s left to do is work my way through it! Are you a list-writer? What is on your to-do list?


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