Bucket List

How many bucket lists have you made during your lifetime? I’m guessing at least a few. As well as being a staple of the intrepid and ambitious traveler — are there any other type? — bucket lists are one of those mainstays in the classroom, perhaps intended to inspire the disinterested student to take an active interest in their education so that one day they can strike go skydiving from the number one spot on their list. Because if there’s a bucket list in existence that doesn’t have the eternally-cliche skydiving on it, I’ve yet to see it.

I remember wracking my brain at the age of eight, toiling over creating the list of 50 Things To Do Before I Die assigned to us by our teacher, Mrs. Robinson. Along with wishing I had more of an appreciation for my third grade teacher’s name at the time, I wish I’d kept that list. It would certainly be interesting, if not embarrassing, to read through, and while my goals have undoubtedly changed significantly over the past sixteen years, I’ll be honest about the fact that I wouldn’t be above plagiarizing from it. Inspiration is a valuable commodity.

So I’m starting fresh. Tabula rasa. The goal in publishing this bucket list is to hold myself accountable for the goals I make. Making a real effort to talk about endeavors and put plans into the cosmos extends that accountability onto others. I’m holding myself accountable to this list and making it public so that you can hold me accountable too.


  1. Achieve zero debt
  2. SkydiveSurfing Santa Teresa
  3. Learn to surf  –  May 2014
  4. Swim with whale sharks
  5. Live in a foreign country
  6. Drive from Newfoundland to Vancouver
  7. Achieve fluency in Spanish
  8. Summit a mountain
  9. Watch the World Cup final in a country competing in it
  10. Busk on the street. Earn enough for a beer.
  11. Set foot on all 7 continents – current count: 2 of 7
  12. Take an international trip with my mom
  13. Race a 5K
  14. Finish a marathon
  15. Give blood
  16. Fly first class
  17. See the Aurora BorealisPura Vida Tattoo
  18. Get a tattoo  –  May 2014
  19. Be my own boss
  20. Attend the Full Moon Party in Thailand
  21. Experience Carnival in Rio
  22. Get an article published
  23. Publish a book
  24. Learn to salsa
  25. Climb the steps of the CN Tower
  26. Raft class IV rapids
  27. Backpack abroad with my brother
  28. Listen to live reggae in Jamaica
  29. Travel through Middle Earth– err, New Zealand
  30. Get certified in scuba diving
  31. Try my hand at snowboarding
  32. Trek the Inca Trail
  33. Get a promotion
  34. Learn to juggle
  35. Volunteer abroad
  36. See a sunset over the ocean
  37. Have a beer at Oktoberfest
  38. Root on the Leafs in downtown Toronto during the Stanley Cup final
  39. Learn to sail

Ultimately and eternally a work in progress…


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