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35 Things To Do Before a Working Holiday in Australia

I’ve always been a procrastinator. I’m often pledging to change my ways, usually spurred by the pressures of having to make a resolution for the new year or the burn of an all-night study session, but I inevitably fall back into the habit of last-minute action. What can I say? I like to tempt fate. Luckily those long nights spent staring at a blank word document hoping that some act of ¬†digital osmosis will spur a research paper into existence are behind me, though I still have deadlines to meet. We all do, right? Like death and taxes, they’re just one of those mainstays of life.

Enter the list. Who doesn’t love a good list? The organization of it is comforting, and the accomplishment afterward is more fulfilling than a lot of us would probably like to admit. It seems a bit silly to get so much satisfaction¬†from crossing an item from a bulleted index, but there you have it.

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